Our Committees


Kaleb Rasmussen and Pearce Seabrook

Our research sector focuses on developing long form qualitative and quantitative research pieces on projects in crypto. The research team utilizes on-chain data and sources such as Dune Analytics and CryptoQuant to discover trends in the space. Research is published to the club's newsletter.


Andres Ginebra and 0xManny

The Technical Team focuses on development projects both internally and externally for Blockchain at Georgia Tech partners and advisors. The students on this team will work on a wide-ranging set of projects including historical MEV data analysis to a portal to help manage our governance votes.


Kaleb Rasmussen

The Governance team is responsible for submitting proposals to dYdX and Optimism in our partnership with a16z. Through our diverse business and technical perspectives, we aim to further protocols by actively engaging in community discussions and participating in on-chain governance that will impact the future of digital assets.