Our Committees

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Committee Chair: 0xManny

One of the main purposes of the DeFi committee is to welcome and educate crypto enthusiasts about the developments and trends in the DeFi ecosystem. DeFi is one of the most exciting spaces in crypto and thus moves at neck-breaking speed. There is a decent bit of background knowledge required to comprehend the innovation, therefore committee members will develop and maintain educational materials for the club as the space continuously evolves. Additionally, the DeFi committee will do in-depth research projects to better understand complex protocols and publish the results in the club's newsletter. Finally, our end goal is to submit governance proposals to DAOs and partner with investors offering our knowledge and expertise.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Committee Chair: Rob Schleusner

The NFT Committee serves as an educational platform where members can stay up to date on the fast-growing number of NFT projects. This includes the popular profile picture collections to other innovative projects experimenting with potential real-world use cases for NFTs. NFTs are being incorporated in several industries, such as gaming, music, and art, so members should be prepared to research a wide range of industries. Committee members will also have the opportunity to work with NFT projects that Blockchain at Georgia Tech partners with or advises.

Trading and Portfolio Management

Committee Chair: Sam Jarkas and Ronith Yalamanchili

The Trading and Portfolio Management sector will focus on developing qualitative research pieces focusing on trading-specific projects, quantitative analysis utilizing on-chain data, designing yield-farming models, and implementing derivatives/options strategies to protect, manage, and optimize portfolio construction. 


Committee Chair: Kaleb Rasmussen

Our research sector focuses on developing long form qualitative and quantitative research pieces on projects in crypto. The research team utilizes on-chain data and sources such as Dune Analytics and CryptoQuant to discover trends in the space. Research is published to the club's newsletter.

Macro Analysis

Committee Chair: Austin Chrislock and Aidan Chen

The Macro Committee aims to serve as an informative channel for the rest of the Blockchain @ GT club, aggregating news that members may find interesting or imperative. The committee presents weekly macro updates at the beginning of general meetings on major news affecting the crypto ecosystem as a whole, including important news in regards to specific blockchains.