About Blockchain at Georgia Tech

Founded in August of 2021, Blockchain at Georgia Tech was started to empower the student body with educational resources and opportunities within the evolving world of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and web3. Below is a list of what our organization does for students:

  • Crypto Course: For those completely new to crypto, we teach an 10-week crypto fundamentals course to get you up to speed on the basics. This is your opportunity to learn about the basics of blockchain tech, smart contracts, DeFi, NFT's, GameFi, and web3.
  • Social events: Once a month we host networking social events at the Atlanta Tech Square Clubhouse. Food and drinks are provided. Anyone in the Atlanta area is welcome.
  • Speaker Events: We aim to have a high-quality speaker from the crypto industry every 2 weeks at our general meetings. Check out our events page to learn of upcoming events.
  • Newsletter: Our student-led newsletter posts monthly issues that dive into emerging projects and protocols in crypto. These deep dives provide an in-depth summary and analysis of the projects and their impact on crypto as a whole. Subscribe to our newsletter on Revue
  • Bounties: All students are in need of real-world experience. With our club’s bounty board, students can become aware of opportunities in the industry and get paid to complete tasks for DAOs or protocols. Build your portfolio of work and get compensated for your time with these bounties.
  • Job Opportunities: Hiring in crypto can still be difficult, especially for undergraduates. But the industry is in desperate need of talent and our goal is to place as many of our students as possible in high-paying web3 jobs. Our job board for students can help you get directly connected with top companies.
  • Web3 ATL: Blockchain at Georgia Tech is excited to announce that we are working on creating a premier web3 conference and hackathon for the Atlanta area. Atlanta is a city full of web2 and fintech talent, and our club aims to cultivate the crypto scene through our annual 2-day event in the fall.