Crypto Fundamentals Course

Interested in learning more about blockchain technology, crypto, and web3? Blockchain at Georgia Tech has created a 10-week fundamentals course that will prepare you to start your crypto journey. This course will only cover the basics, each of the topics covered could be a class of their own, and will not go into deep technical specifics. Our goal is for students to find a sector that excites them and give them the knowledge and resources to explore that area further.

The class is open to all Georgia Tech students and will be taught on campus. However, all materials will be posted online so that anyone can follow and take the class on their own time. All slides and materials from our Spring 2022 class can be found in this folder.


Week 1: History and Ideology of Crypto, Why Decentralization Matters, Blockchain Technology Basics

Week 2: The Blockchain Trilemma and Differences between Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other Layer 1 Blockchains

Week 3: Intro to Enterprise Blockchain, Difference between Coins and Tokens

Week 4: Wallets, Keys, Exchanges, and How to Get Started in Crypto

Week 5: Current Market Overview

Week 6: NFTs and their Utility

Week 7: GameFi and intro to Decentralized Finance

Week 8: Decentralized Finance

Week 9: DAOs and Web3

Week 10: How to get a Job in Web3 and Conclusion